How Animations & Graphics Build a Better Brand

How Animations & Graphics Build a Better Brand

Have you ever thought of using animations for your brand? If not, then you are missing out.

Entrepreneurs, if not all, put their hearts and souls into creating the ideal brand. However, no matter how perfect your products are, they will fail if you can’t market them well.

This is when animations shine. Marketing your brand with animations and graphics is naturally eye-catching. Plus, these can make your content more engaging and interesting.

In this article, let’s discover how different types of animations can help build a better brand. Also, let’s find out why animations are a perfect addition to your digital marketing strategies.

2D and 3D logos can improve your brand image

Even if your website has all the necessary information, the ultimate goal is to make that information easy to understand. 

With 2D and 3D logos, you can instantly jump-start the concept of your brand image. Plus, your audiences can easily understand your product and service values at a glance.

Therefore, 2D and 3D logos improve not only your brand recognition but also a great addition to your marketing campaign!

Animated PR videos build customer loyalty

Businesses combine animated videos with their stories to help them communicate at a personal level to their audience. 

This leads to a “deeper connection” between brands and potential customers.

More importantly, this builds long-term relationships which later on earns customer loyalty. 

Graphic designs deliver messages better than words

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” is an old phrase that is very accurate. Graphic design is a perfect solution for businesses wanting to achieve a positive and long-lasting impression.

In spreading the message of your business, the design gets noticed first and then the words. Altogether, they deliver a powerful message.

The Apple logo, for example, has no tagline, but the design speaks better than the words of the brand.

Social media video ads/posts convert more than other types of campaigns

The good news for marketers is that video ads don’t just lure customers; they also persuade them to covert successfully.

In a survey, almost 69% of marketers agree that video ads convert better than plain images and text ads across social media.

Therefore, people would love to watch animated marketing materials like Facebook and Instagram ads/posts, making them engaged and interested in your brand offers.

Animations and graphics are recyclable

Reusability is the major advantage of animations and graphics in marketing and advertising. 

Having an animation for your brand is a one-time expense, but the 3D animated objects, animated PR videos, and other animation materials can be used and modified in the future for brand development.

Therefore, you can have lifelong marketing material and entirely adjustable upon need.

Your business deserves a better branding

Animations have become the cream of the crop of digital marketing strategies. So, what are you waiting for? Crack those knuckles and invest in animations now. At BrainStack, we create high-quality animations and graphics that your brand deserves. Message us to get started.

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